Monthly Tip

Passing Shots - December

If you are playing someone who comes into the net a lot, (which is almost a dying breed), make sure you know what you are trying to do with your passing shots. Too many players just go for a huge hit right away and the opponent is sitting there ready to put it away.

It makes sense to show your opponent all your options early on. So you should make a big effort to go for down the line and crosscourt passing shots in the early stages. Plus you should throw in a lob so that your opponent is always unsure what you are going to do and doesn’t just close right in. Even if it is not a great lob, it sows the seed of awareness that you have that shot.

Those are obviously the basic passing shots, but don’t forget that often the most important shot is a low slow shot that makes your opponent stretch and volley up, and then you can go for the big pass when you have him out of position. Or if you have hit that really well, you can even sneak in and hit the response in the air as a volley yourself.

Most important tip is that you stay stable on passing shots, and keep your head down as you hit the shot without rushing it.

Virginia Wade with Roger Federer